Cell/MP3/Computer/Electronics  Batteries


Lift truck batteries, rail road batteries, run hours longer, for more years.

6, 8, 12 volt deep cycle batteries. 10% more lead, longer lasting.

Gel-AGM-Flooded batteries, rare-antique batteries. Outlasts store brands.

Golf Cart Batteries

Auto-Moto-Wheelchair Batteries Batteries

“When others say replace, our experts say RENEW.”

Industrial Batteries


Renewing Batteries: Battery Renew reconditions almost all types of batteries to like new condition including: golf cart batteries, industrial batteries,  marine batteries, UPS batteries, wheelchair batteries, car and motorcycle batteries, power tool batteries, and portable electronics batteries. Prices include free pick-up for 2 or more batteries and delivery within the Atlanta Metro Area! Battery Renew inspects and tests all batteries before accepting them for reconditioning.   

Battery Renew Details for Restoring Batteries to Like New Condition

Commercial accounts such as golf courses, maintenance departments, rental companies, car dealers, etc. can get volume discounts.

Please call for a specific quote or email: service at batteryrenew dot com.

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