Battery Renew

Renew, replace, and recycle your batteries - fast for 50% less.”

Above, before and after pictures show a Battery Renew technician testing a customers (Advanced Material Handling, Inc.) old battery used in a fork lift and now showing only 7.12 volts before Battery Renew began renewing it. Standard testing equipment - used by all the big box stores, auto parts stores, and anyone selling new batteries - would tell you to replace this battery. The original CCA or Cold Cranking Amp rating is 540 for this battery. It registered at 50 CCA...meaning almost no amp capacity remaining.

....Battery Renew accepted the challenge of renewing this battery....

24 hours later, this same battery registered over 12.9 volts at 650 CCA!  That is an 105 CCA increase over the original rating on the battery of 540 CCA. This battery is now better than new. On the right, the photo shows the 540 CCA label, hard to see, and the clear reading of 12.9V and 650 CCA. Tool, computer, cell phone, and NiCD, NiMH, and Li-Ion batteries are rated differently. This example applies to lead acid batteries.

Renew Batteries

Before and after photos of a tough battery to renew. These are over $200 each and power a high-end golf cart in Germany. Battery Renew brought this battery back to full voltage and amp-hour capacity, saving our customer $170 per battery.